District 5ive Hockey Programs have been training hockey players of all abilities while focusing on the fundamentals required of a hockey player. We strive to place everyone in a position where they can gain confidence, without the weight of having to be the best but rather trying their best.


Our coaches ensure they stay up on the Modern Techniques. From proper mechanics of stride length, frequency, edge control, glide turns, sharp turns, Mohawk turns, stops and transitional skating, plus speed, quickness, and agility. Ensuring proper skating mechanics; upper body posture and proper knee bend to ensure that each and every skater is able to improve. Players are pushed at their pace and with other players that are their own skill set.

Skating is not the only technique that we focus on for the forwards and defenceman in our programs. We strive to focus on the fundamentals of being a complete player, shooting with the proper hand placement and weight transfer. Passing and engaging their hockey IQ by creating drills that are real game situations.


Along with this we also strive to offer Goaltending instruction. Focusing on skating, edgework, proper stance, angles, depth and proper save selection. For the more experienced goaltenders they are pushed with more advanced skating drills and fast pace game situational drills that will test their save selection.